100+ Years in Elk City
    The church of Christ in Elk City began to meet for worship in the fall of 1901 in a rented hall on North Main Street. During the early summer of 1902 an evangelist from Texas known as “Weeping Joe Hardin” came to Elk City to hold a meeting.  This zealous, hard-hitting pioneer preacher saw the possibility for a permanent church in Elk City and resolved not to leave until a building program was started.  He was successful in uring the needed funds and donated labor for a frame building which was located at 108 North Washington.  The lot was given by Sister Jones, a widow.
    The congregation continued to use this building until 1925 when they purchased the old Methodist church building at the corner of Second & Adams.  After acquiring this building, it was enlarged, repaired and remodeled to make it fully meet the needs of the growing congregation.  In 1949 a new, spacious auditorium with a seating capacity of 650 was completed and dedicated to the service of the Lord.  Later a wing for classrooms was added in matching yellow brick.

We are a family of Christians who, through doctrine, study and worship, strive to follow the framework of the first century church established by Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost. We believe that the sole authority for our actions and beliefs is the Bible, the inerrant and inspired word of God. We are overseen by local Elders, as described in scripture (1 Timothy 3:1-7). We are associated with other area churches of Christ by common beliefs and practices.